Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

Provider of Top-Notch CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services

Over time, the importance of surveillance cameras has increased drastically. It is not just helping in detecting different types of crime, but the stored images are also acting as a handy investigation tool. With the technological advancements, surveillance system technology has also evolved significantly. Today there are different types of CCTV equipment available for addressing different security needs. But the efficient performance of such CCTV equipment demands on how effectively you install them. This is where PC Evolution comes into action. PC Evolution Service Techs, Inc. is a Miami-Dade tech company that is facilitating dozens of customers in CCTV camera installations and maintenance of CCTV systems.

Surveillance Camera


PC Evolution is an experienced CCTV installation company, with customers ranging from residential CCTV camera installation to more complex and sophisticated NVR installation for businesses and big enterprises. Following are the CCTV system installation and maintenance services customers receive from PC Evolution:

Free Site Evaluation
Complete CCTV System Installation

Before you buy surveillance system equipment for your site, PC Evolution can provide you a free consultation, where the team from PC Evolution will inspect your site location thoroughly and present the best possible surveillance systems for enhanced security under your proposed budget range. Customers can first ask for a free site evaluation or directly opt for installation. So, as soon as the PC Evolution representative receives the request, the details are finalized, and the installation schedule is finalized. Afterward, the team will arrive at the requested location at the scheduled time.

Once the team arrives at the location, they will quickly and silently start installing the CCTV system. PC Evolution holds high expertise in installing:

  • CCTV
  • NVR
  • DVR
  • Surveillance Cameras

The installation usually starts with setting up low voltage cables, then mounting, positioning, and connecting the camera wiring properly. Afterward, the team set up the power supplies and recording devices.

Configuring the CCTV System

After the completion of the physical installation process, the team configures your whole CCTV system to start providing you access to your camera system. The team holds high expertise in configuring the system with your network for remote camera access. As the final step, the corresponding smartphone application is installed in your device and the whole system is thoroughly tested especially the remote camera viewing system.

We are more than happy to train you how to use the system, search footage, and all other information you would like to learn about your NVR system.


Other than providing top-notch installation service, PC Evolution also provides continuous system maintenance services. It includes camera maintenance, monitoring equipment maintenance, hard disk management, video recording settings enhancement, and plenty of others.

Professional Camera Installation

Wrapping Up

PC Evolution works with the aim to deliver the best services and provide the best customer experience to all the clients. That’s why, from the initial stage of site evaluation to complete system installation and maintenance, PC Evolution has left no service gap of any kind. To sum up, PC Evolution presents itself as a reliable, resourceful, and comprehensive CCTV system installation and maintenance service provider.