Onsite Computer Repair Services
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Service Pricing

Computer Tune-up

$19 Tune-up that keeps your PC running at top speeds. We recommend this service every six months for optimal performance.

Virus and Spyware Removal

$65 Virus or Spyware Removal. Viruses can be nasty, elusive things, but we are experts at this. Whatever it takes, we'll get you running safely again for one low price.

RAID Data Recovery
Our engineers specialize in NTFS, HFS +, EXT3 / 4 and other non - standard file systems.

Level I type issues are NOT the result of a physically failing disk drive. Level 1 type issues ARE the result of corruption, damage, or deletion of all or part of a disk drive’s file system.

Level II type problems means the disk drive is not functioning properly and requires more expertise and resources then level 1 but the problem(s) will not require work to be done in a data recovery cleanroom lab.

Level III type problems indicate a major physical failure with the disk drive. Level 3 means the disk drive WILL require extensive clean room work to recover any data.
Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death! This dreaded encounter doesn't mean the end. Let our specialists handle it.

If your problem description is not listed, don't worry, if it’s a computer problem, we can fix it.

You can always count on us for dependable, professional IT service throughout the Miami, Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood area. Call us for workstation/server support, all types of network needs, error messages, slowed PC operations, hard-drive recovery, software or hardware installation, and any other IT problems you encounter.

About us

PC Evolution Service Techs, Inc. offers more than 15 years of experience.  Our service area encompasses the entire Miami, Pembroke Pines and Hollywood region, and our convenient online appointment calendar shows you at a glance all of our available appointment times. If you can't get online, we're just a phone call away. With an offer of 5-star, quality workmanship for low, set prices, you can rely on us for all your IT needs.



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Benefits of Using Onsite Computer Repair Services

When your company's system goes down, you must devote valuable time to troubleshooting the problem. Unless you're an IT professional or have had plenty of experience working with your system, you'll likely feel that you're working blind to repair a problem you don't even understand. Whether the issue is simply that your network or a piece of it is performing sluggishly, or if you're staring at the Blue Screen of Death, our technician can bring the expertise needed to get your system up and running efficiently as soon as possible.


There are several different basic services our technology experts can offer your business. If your email has gone down or your laptop has died, our company can provide support that will have you back on track in no time. Our professional team can also install important hardware or software upgrades to your system that you may not be able to do yourself because you don't have the necessary know-how. We can help you set up your business for a wireless operation or expand your network capabilities as you experience growth.


Your business may be small enough that you don't have the finances or the space to hire a dedicated IT staff, but you still need help in setting up, running and maintaining each part of your computer system, from your website to your network and your hardware. An IT consultant who is familiar with your type of business can offer you expertise for your particular system while understanding how it impacts your specific business. For example, if you run a restaurant and outsource your IT support work to a computer service company that only knows how to set up accounting systems, they may not understand why certain aspects of your computerized ordering system are so important.