Business IT Support

Business IT Support

A One-Stop Place to meet all of your Business IT Support and Repair Needs

In this digital era, it is becoming mandatory for businesses to have a digital presence and carry out most of the business activities with the latest technologies. With business digitalization, comes many challenges, such as network security, server repair, IT support and maintenance, computer repair, and many more. An enterprise usually has a dedicated IT team that holds expertise in solving all such challenges. But small & medium businesses (SMBs) often struggle because they might not be able to afford the IT team or other resources that are needed for robust maintenance and monitoring.

PC Evolution is a Miami Dade based IT services provider that holds state-of-the-art expertise, resources, and support that businesses need to address IT-related matters. With more than 22+ years of experience in working with servers, network systems, and computers, PC Evolution is a one-stop place to ask for any service and support related to IT.

Our Services

PC Evolution has oriented its services to be customer-friendly, where clients can reach out to the company 24/7 and ask any question or support they want. PC Evolution holds a diversified team of skilled computer and IT technicians in Miami Dade and Broward County, Florida. Following are the top-notch services provided by PC Evolution:

Server Network Rack

Business IT Support

With rapidly changing technology, it is often difficult for businesses to have an engineering team skilled enough to cope with all IT needs. PC Evolution facilitates businesses by providing a highly-skilled and experienced team that can readily provide IT solutions along with full-time support and expert advice. The common business IT support services include:

  • Network defense policy development and implementation
  • Penetration testing
  • Forensics and malware
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Security engineering
  • Phishing testing
  • Vulnerability assessment

In short, PC Evolution can set up a solid wall of defense for your network, ensuring maximize network security with regular enhancements and upgrades.

Server Repair

If a server goes down, it might be catastrophic for a business if it isn’t repaired timely. Therefore, the timely and authentic repair is crucial for any business. At PC Evolution, we value the importance of servers in businesses and that’s why we have set up a fast, reliable, and quick response team that can quickly facilitate the client in server services. Our team holds vast experience in server repair and uses the latest tactics to quickly identify the problem and get your system running again.

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Office Computer Repair

PC Evolution holds high-expertise in providing services of computer repair in Miami Dade and Broward County, Florida. The common computer repair services include:

  • Windows/Mac OS repair.
  • Fix/install drivers and devices.
  • Upgrade hard drives, memory, CPU, etc.
  • Software installation/configuration.
  • Create system backups.
  • Scan and remove viruses and other malicious software.

Other than computer repair, PC Evolution also helps in new PC setup from box to desk. All of these services are also available onsite. So, clients can call PC Evolution to send the team of IT professionals wherever the office is located.

Network Cable Wiring

Structured cabling is very important for efficient business performance and also considered the backbone of the business communications network. PC Evolution holds the expertise and resources to provide the best network cable wiring, network jack installation, and similar all other services associated with network installation. Whether your business is relocating, expanding, or doing cable upgrades, PC Evolution can deliver the network service you need.

Wrapping Up

With decades of market experience and holding a highly-skilled team of IT professionals, PC Evolution presents itself as a comprehensive IT services firm that can address all minor to major IT-related needs of businesses under a cost-friendly and mutually supportive environment.