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Extensive work experience

We have 22+ years of experience working with computers, network systems, and servers. Our team of onsite computer repair IT professionals places the need and comfort of our clients above everything else.

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We are highly qualified

We offer computer repair services including Windows OS repair, virus removal, Mac repair, server repair, and network configuration. We are the top rated computer repair technicians in Miami Dade & Broward County, Florida.

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You can bet on us

With an offer of 5-star, quality workmanship for low, set prices, you can rely on us for all your IT – computer repair needs. Whatever it takes, we’ll get you running safely again

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Customer oriented service

We make ourselves available to clients 24/7 in the Miami Dade & Broward County areas, so they can reach us and ask any questions they have regarding our services whenever they want. 


Computer Repair & Network Support Services

IT Support

Computer Repair Service

Your business may be small enough that you don't have the finances or the space to hire a dedicated IT staff, but you still need help in setting up, running and maintaining each...

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security cctv surveillance camera

Surveillance Systems

Our team holds high expertise in configuring your company's building CCTV surveillance camera systems with your network for remote camera viewing.

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fiber optics

Server & Network Support

System Administration, Server Service, Workstation Support, Data Recovery, Windows & Mac Support, Network Cable Runs, Rack Management, Punch Down and Termination, Computer Repair

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Data Recovery

Data Management
Data Recovery

Software/hardware failure, virus infection, human error, natural disaster, or simply an accident, we can help. Our engineers specialize in NTFS, HFS +, EXT3 / 4 and other non - standard computer file systems.

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David Prieto

Certified Public Accountant

PC Evolution has great service. I don’t think you have to be a CPA, to know you can best value any purchase by the quality, cost and time. With that in mind, I can tell you (As a CPA) PC Evolution is the only one I ever think of calling. Before knowing PC Evolution I contacted some of the big names and the cost was outrages for the work to be done and people very…


The Best, the Best, the Best! John and his staff are one of a kind. Whenever I have a computer problem, I call PC Evolution. Often times they can fix my problem over the internet, if not, they come the same day. I would highly recommend them for any and all your computer needs.

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Great service! John is an amazing Computer Tech. Absolutely hands down, best person to work with. On site or remotely, he will go above and beyond to give you the best service every single time.

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I have worked with John and PC Evolution for over 8 years; it has been a great experience. Whether it was across different agencies that I have been the director of or privately, I have always found him to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and dependable. In one of the agencies, he took on a network that was not properly supervised, or stable that had a great deal of downtime. He helped us to create reasonable staff…